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Reed Diffuser Ocean Mist by Goodness Gracious

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Sandalwood Candle by Goodness Gracious

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Warm Jasmine Reed Diffuser by Goodness Gracious

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Sweet Kitchen scented soy candles

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Exciting and enticing Goodness Gracious™ fragrances delivered to your home or office by our natural wax candles, reed diffusers and room sprays. We have three ranges of products that cater to different tastes.
Our floral range will please the lover of natural scents; from the deep and reassuring aroma of antique wood to the refreshing notes of citrus and wildflowers.
Sweet Kitchen range of soy wax candles will satisfy those who love the homely, comforting scents of baking and cooking, as well as any fans of delicious puddings and patisserie.
1902 is our retro range that takes you back in time with its classic design. The beeswax candle is fragrance free for purity and simplicity, while the scents of our room spray and reed diffusers have been curated around the theme of nostalgia.

All our products come with a generous intensity of fragrance but for enhanced experience consider using a reed diffuser or room spray alongside our natural wax, scented candle.
Our affordable prices are designed provide an introduction to the growing Goodness Gracious brand. Please enjoy!
All our products are made in the UK.